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Minute bundles

Billingbooth supports the creation of minute bundles - product bundles that allow for inclusive minutes to certain destinations for a flat fee.

Minute bundles are created as part of products, and allow you to create one or more bundle groups for specified destinations (such as dial code or charge code destinations).

To create a minute bundle, you will first need to create a product, see our create a new product guide.

Once the product has been created, under "Products", on the right hand side, click on the "Bundles" button. This will take you through to an editing screen where you can add one or more bundles against the product.

One or more destinations can be added against a bundle, and each destination should be entered in a single line. Any calls matching the destinations within the bundle will be classed as inclusive and charged zero, until the amount of matched calls matches the amount of inclusive minutes. This is done in date order ascending (first calls made).

The destinations field should match the destinations used within your rate sheets, and the charge code being used within your CDRs.

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