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Grouping call charges into sites

Billingbooth offers the functionality to, for every one of your customers, create "sites" which give you the ability to group call charges in different cost centres.

To do this, find the relevant customer within the Billingbooth portal, click on "View", then under the customer menu, click on "Sites":

All existing customers will be displayed. To create a new site, click on the "New Site" button at the top right of the page, then enter a name of the site/location/department and click on Create. Do this as many times as is required, depending on how many sites your customer has.

The next step is to associate Caller Line Identifiers to these sites. Under the customer's menu, click on "Caller Identification" or "Caller ID" and either create a new CLI or edit an existing one. In this page you will be able to associate the CLI to a site by clicking on the "Site" drop down, and selecting the appropriate one:

Billingbooth matches calls by looking at all of your customer's CLIs and matching them against those found in the CDR files. By identifying a CLI in a specific site, Billingbooth will aggregate all calls found into a specific cost centre. These aggregate charges will then be added as individual charges, which will be issued when the next billing run occurs on the customer:

When the invoice gets sent to the customer, they will see the individual site charges, as well as itemised bills in CSV format for each site separately.

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