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Call statement

When the billing run takes place, all outstanding calls get aggregated into a single call statement that's included as part of the invoice email. This call statement can be generated in different formats:


The Comma Separated Values format is a plain text file which is compatible with Excel. The file size of CSVs tends to be very small due to their simple nature. If you are issuing call statements with more than 20,000 calls, we strongly recommend using the CSV format.


A PDF call statment will take into account your invoice's branding (contact details, logo, theme colours), and generate a neatly formatted PDF with all calls listed. A sample PDF call statement is attached with this article.

In order to change your Call statement format, go to your "Customers" page, find the desired customer then click on "Edit Details" and then at the bottom of the page you will find the "Call statement format".


Selecting this option will omit call statements from being included and sent out alongside your invoices.

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