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How to ensure invoices are correct before sending

This article describes the various features available in Billingbooth for ensuring all charges are in place before being sent out as invoices.

Preview charges

When starting a billing run, Billingbooth will take you to a step-by-step wizard which will allow you to configure various options before generating invoices. Once a schedule is selected, step 2 of the wizard displays a full list of all outstanding charges, grouped by each customer.

The list of charges displayed will mirror what the final invoice charges will look like, so this list can be used to ensure that all charges for each customer are present and correct.

Suppressing invoice emails during billing run

Another approach to ensuring that invoices are correct is to generate them without sending them to customers.

If a customer has a delivery email address set, when invoices get generated they will also automatically be sent to the delivery email address. To avoid doing this, on the final step of the billing run wizard the option is available to suppress the delivery of invoice emails.

Suppressing emails will generate the invoices as per normal, but no invoice emails will be sent to customers. This gives the ability to review the generated invoices and ensure that all charges are present and correct.

In instances where the invoice is incorrect, due to missing charges or charges that are incorrect, the facility exists to delete the invoice. This will allow you to follow one of two options: delete invoice only, or delete invoice with charges.

A full article on deleting invoices has in an-depth discussion of the outcome of the two ways of deleting invoices.

Re-sending invoices

In instances where the delivery of invoice emails has been suppressed during a billing run, a simple and effective way to deliver them is to use the "Resend" button found at the top right of the invoices page. This will allow for the bulk emailing of invoices:

A date range needs to be provided, and also whether Billingbooth should use the customer's delivery email address for sending, or a single email recipient. In the case where "Send using each customer's delivery email" is chosen, and a customer does not have a delivery email address set, the invoice will not be re-sent.

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