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Summarised Calls

When a customer's Call Statement is generated using the PDF format, a brief overview of the calls made by the customer is generated on the first page, followed by a full itemised list of all calls made. In instances where a customer makes a large quantity of calls every month, the Call Statement can end often end up in hundreds of pages worth of calls being listed. This makes the Call Statement's file size large, and relatively unreadable.

In order to avoid such a scenario, Billingbooth gives you the ability to set a call amount threshold which will summarise all calls under a specified value into a single, aggregate cost summary. Only calls equal or greater than the call amount threshold will appear as listed as itemised calls within the Call Statement.


The call amount threshold is configured on a per-customer basis, and can be found under a customer's "Edit Details" page, labelled "Summarised Call Amount Threshold". This can only be configured if the Call Statement is set to "PDF".



When the next billing run is created, an accompanying Call Statement will be generated with the Invoice, which will include a summarised call cost lined for calls under the specified threshold:


All calls in the itemised list at the bottom of the Call Statement will be of equal or greater value than the specified threshold.

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