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Editing an active charge

  1. First, navigate to Customers in the left-hand navigation menu and then proceed to select the customer you wish to edit an active charge for from the customer listings.
  2. On the Customer Details screen, click Charges in the sub-navigation menu.
  3. Click the Active Charges tab at the top-left of the Customer Charges listings page.

  4. From the list of active charges, find the charge you wish to edit and click its respective Edit button in the Actions column.
  5. Most of the fields are self-explanatory but for clarity some of them have been listed below:

    Using this field, you're able to auto-complete a number of the fields by stipulating that this charge is going to be for one of your products. See our Products section for more on how to get started with products.

    A description of the charge for your own reference purposes.

    This is where you enter any relevant hardware serial number or service account code etc.

    Amount (per Quantity)
    The amount this charge will cost your customer, this will be multiplied by Quantity field.

    Charge Type
    All Charges and Products can have either a Single or Recurring charge type. This defines whether any ledger entries applied against a customer will be treated as a one-off, or whether they will be applied on a regular interval in conjunction with the Frequency property.

    Frequency (if Recurring is the selected value of Charge Type)
    How often your customer is charged for this product or service.

    Starts At
    The date the charge is applied on, if no date is entered the charge will start when the charge is submitted.

    First charge amount starts from
    Optional. This is for pro-rata fees, but it allows you to set when your customer started using the product or service. For more information, see our pro-rata article.

    Show charge period in invoices
    Will display the date range of when the charge was applicable under the charge name on the invoice.

    The category a charge falls under, such as "Broadband", "Voice", "Data" etc.. If a value is entered, this will be used to break your invoices down by category for your customer's convenience.

    Custom Tax Rate
    If your customer uses a custom tax rate, enter it here.

    Custom product cost
    If you've selected a product, the Cost of Sale field will feature the cost of sale set on the product you've selected. If you wish to change this, check this box to make Cost of Sale amendable.

    Cost of Sale (per Quantity)
    This cost to you for providing this product or service to your customers, this will be multiplied by the Quantity field.

  6. Once you are happy with the values you have entered, click the Save changes button at the bottom of the form to complete the process and submit your changes.

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