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Upload services overview

In addition to being able to process CDRs from communications providers, Billingbooth can also process service files which contain fixed monthly charges. These tend to be accompanying services to calls, such as SIP trunks, hosted extensions, Geographic numbers, and so on.

Rather than maintain a set of recurring charges within Billingbooth, by uploading the service file into Billingbooth, a comprehensive list of all monthly charges can be processed quickly without the need for administrative overheads. All service charges are matched using CLIs, in the same way that CDR files are.

In order to price the charges included in the service file, Billingbooth utilises your existing product catalogue through a system called the Service Code. This Service Code is used as a unique identifier that will match the charges on the service file with the product in question. All pricing and details such as categories and accounting codes will then be taken from your product and generated as a charge against the customer.

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