This documentation is for our legacy Billingbooth Classic service. If you are a Billingbooth One user please see

Creating and editing a group

To get started, navigate to Destinations in the left-hand navigation menu and click the Groups link in the Destinations drop-down.

To add a group, first, click the Add Group button at the top-right of the screen. To edit a group, find the group you wish to edit in the list of groups and click its corresponding Edit button.

Type the name of the group into the Name field and then if you'd like this group to show up as a summary on the PDF usage statements, you can check the Show in summary checkbox. If checked, a new field called Summary order weight will appear, this governs how much priority to give this group in the summary list. For example, a weight of 1 listing will appear above a weight of 2 listing.

Once you're done, click the Create Group button to save the group, or Save Changes if you're amending a group. This will return you to the Groups screen where you should now see the newly created group.

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