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Deleting a price adjustment

Before continuing, it should be noted what will happen to associated call charges if you delete a price adjustment.

If you have processed CDRs so that call charges are assigned to your customers, you will need to delete the appropriate processed CDR and reupload it after you’ve deleted the price adjustment if you wish for the deleted price adjustment not to affect the call charges within.

NOTE: If you have invoiced the call charges and then deleted the invoices, you will need to delete the pending call charges from respective customers in addition to deleting the processed CDR.

Otherwise, if you have an uploaded CDR in Ready status, after you have deleted the price adjustment, simply go to the CDR details screen by clicking CDR Files and then Recent Files from the drop-down menu. On the Recent Files screen, click the Details button of the respective CDR upload before finally clicking the Re-Analyse button under the clock image to have Billingbooth recheck the uploaded CDR file.

Deleting the price adjustment

To get started, navigate to Price Adjustments in the left-hand navigation menu.

To delete a price adjustment, find the price adjustment you wish to delete in the list of price adjustments and click its corresponding Delete button.

A confirmation modal will appear, click the Yes button to confirm your deletion of the price adjustment or click the No button to cancel the deletion.

Once you’ve clicked Yes, a success message will appear above the Price Adjustments list and the price adjustment will no longer be present in the list of price adjustments.

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