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What is a billing run?

A billing run is the process of invoicing your customers for the pending service, product and call charges associated against their respective accounts. Depending on your settings, invoices can be sent out directly to your customers and even billed through a payment provider.


Ultimately, the goal of a billing run is to invoice your customer(s), so the minimum you would need to start an effective billing run would be to have at least one customer set up that has at least one pending charge associated with their account.

However, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Set up customer(s) and assign respective CLIs to those customers.
  2. Set up tariffs if required.
  3. Set up single or recurring charges against your customer(s), use products if necessary. This could be through uploading service files if you're on the Business tier and above.
  4. Set up your destinations to establish your cost pricing (from your provider to you).
  5. Set up your price adjustments to add your markup to your destinations.
  6. Upload your calls.
  7. Perform the billing run.

This work flow will ensure that you have solid foundations for your first billing run.

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