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Assigning a bundle

With a bundle created (Creating and editing a bundle), you’re now ready to assign the bundle to the respective customers.

To get started, head to Customers and click on a customer you want to have the bundle and then click Bundles in the customer sub-menu. Once on the Bundles screen, click Add Bundle in the top-right of the screen.


Bundle - Select a bundle you’ve created from the list.

Quantity - The amount of bundles to assign.

Scope - Whether you wish to assign this bundle to the entire Billingbooth customer or specific CLIs within the customer.

Apply to specific CLI (If Scope set to Specific CLI(s)) - If you want this bundle to apply only to specific CLIs, assign them using this list. If you assign nothing, the bundle will apply to all CLIs for this customer akin to selecting Entire Customer from the Scope drop-down..

NOTE: If you click the Assign All link beside the field label, it will assign all current CLIs for this customer, but if you add any new CLIs to your customer in the future, those will not be included to the bundle automatically.

Once done, click the Apply Bundle button to apply the bundle to the customer, it will now be in effect, so CDRs you process now will apply the bundle should the calls/customers meet the designated requirements.

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