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Performing a billing run

There are two ways of initiating a billing run:

  1. By clicking the Quick Actions button at the top-left and selecting the Start Billing Run option.
  2. Clicking the Schedules link in the left-hand main navigation menu and then clicking the Run button of the respective schedule you wish to perform a billing run on.

Following either way will get you to the billing run wizard:

  1. The first step of the wizard gets you to select the schedule you wish to bill, which in turn will select all customers associated to that schedule. Select the schedule you'd like to bill from the list and then whether you wish to bill all pending charges or charges issued on a specific date from the What to bill drop-down list. If you select to bill charges issued on a specific date, a Date Range field will appear for you to select a date range to bill. Once you're done, click the Continue button to proceed.
  2. The second step allows you to check the charges and amounts each applicable customer is about to be billed for. If you're happy with the values, click the Continue button to proceed.
  3. The third and final step has some last minute options for you to decide on:

    Starting invoice number
    Automatic - The starting invoice number will be the next consequtive number after the last invoice issued, or 1 in the event of it being the first invoice.
    Custom - This option will reveal the Start from field, detailed below.

    Start from (if Custom is selected as the Starting invoice number)
    The number to start the invoice number from.

    Invoice issue date
    The issue date that will appear on all invoices created during the billing run.

    Minimum Invoice Amount
    If the combined pending charges for a customer fall under the amount you set in this field, they will not be invoiced and the pending charges will carry over.

    Suppress emailing out invoices
    If you don't want Billingbooth to automatically email out the invoices to your customers, check this box.

  4. Once you're happy with the values you've entered, if you wish to go back to any previous step, click the Back button at the bottom of the form, otherwise to complete the process and begin the billing run, click the Ready to go button.

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