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What are price adjustments?

To get started, navigate to Price Adjustments in the left-hand navigation menu.

Price adjustments are where you will add your markup to your Voice, Data and SMS pricing.

Where the rates you added to your destinations are costs from your provider to you, price adjustments are your sell prices from you to your customers and so where your profit comes from.

Not only that, they’re highly flexible, allowing you to modify your sell prices based on a whole range of options including tariffs, customers, destinations, groups and providers.

All price adjustment listings on this screen are essentially active, so any CDRs you process will be affected by them.

From this screen you can:

Add a price adjustment - Click the Add Price Adjustment button at the top-right of the screen.

Edit a price adjustment - Click the Edit button next to a price adjustment listing.

Delete a price adjustment - Click the Delete button next to a price adjustment listing.

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